Our Story

How we went from a brokerage
to a digital platform.

Before becoming entrepreneurs and technologists, we were and remain art collectors, first and foremost.

When we first started our journey at Artwide, it stemmed from a desire to play a deeper role in the world of art.

We started as an art brokerage business ten years ago. A decade into our journey we continue to witness the passions and motivations of private and institutional collectors. From art market players seeking the right investment to art lovers discovering new pieces, we were there. And we always went the extra mile, as one should do in our position.

This helped us cultivate a network of relationships - of individuals, galleries and institutions that considered us as an essential partner. But we were never fully comfortable. We are always driven with the notion that buying and selling art should be made easier and secure, and that we should protect our clients and their artworks.

As the world has changed, technology has become part of the fabric of our daily lives and with that the way we buy and sell art has evolved. That's the core DNA of Artwide, and while we are passionate about the new ways, we still believe in the human-to-human interactions that the art world is built on.

Thus, Artwide has evolved.

It's the best
of both worlds.

It’s a digital platform, but not quite.
It’s the best of both worlds.

We’ve built a platform on top of our earliest members – trusted collectors, individuals, galleries and institutions with whom we developed close ties with.

A platform that has both the immediacy and transparency of a digital tool but also the high touch of human contact.

“ Digitally-enabled but not Digitally-led ”

Behind the scenes, we remain the same - a smart, friendly group of people who will always go the extra mile to make it easier.

Our Four

At Artwide, our values are in service of our customers.
We strive to uphold our values every day.

Artwide is a people-first art platform.

We want you to feel confident and secure on Artwide, so these are the commitments you can always expect from us.


People First

We are people-centered. We go the extra mile.


Privacy is Paramount

We protect our clients. We believe that, even though we know everyone of our clients, they should be able to conduct their transactions in full discretion so that they can protect their investment and privacy.


We are Curated

All artworks are vetted and curated. Everything is ready-to-buy, but a lot of work takes place ahead of our clients seeing an artwork on Artwide.


Your Platform. Your way.

Choose to participate on the app directly or reach out to our experts who can help you find what you’re seeking.

Answers to your most pertinent questions


How do I login to Artwide?

Click here to download the app and register. The registration process is fairly simple.

If you want to conduct any transactions, we will need to complete our KYC (Know Your Client) procedures. This is a straightforward process. You just need to:
1. Complete your profile in the app
2. Provide us with a copy of a government issued ID
3. And share a proof of address (dated within the last three months)

This information is required to ensure the safety and security of all participants in the Artwide community.

How is Artwide different?

Artwide offers confidential and secure access to the art market. By bridging the gap between collectors, galleries, museums, advisors, financial institutions and corporations, Artwide creates a reliable community that enables buyers and sellers to conduct high-end deals. Artwide aims to create an exclusive community, offering a second-to-none experience with discretion at its forefront.

We act as the trusted partner between the parties, keeping the buyer and the seller's identity confidential on each transaction. Clients are supported by a worldwide team providing bespoke client services at all times.

Artwide also offers clients services from art consulting, shipping and storage, to art-related financing, insurance, collection and inventory management, and access to leading independent experts. With clients in approximately 52 countries worldwide, Artwide boasts a diverse and far-reaching network. Focused on buying and selling artworks across all mediums, from Impressionism to Ultra-Contemporary art, Artwide is also able to source your specific and individual requests

What are Artwide's fees?

For private sales, Artwide will deduct a commission from each artwork sold. The commission is calculated on the final purchase price agreed between the seller and the buyer. Since commission is based on the final value of each transaction, the commission for every transaction will differ.

Commissions deducted are based on a tiered structure. The total commission value is calculated from the aggregate, when applicable, of the three tiers.

Transaction Value
0 - 1,000,000.00
10% of the purchase price
By way of example, if the purchase price is 700,000 USD, Artwide will retain a commission of 70,000 USD
1,000,000.01 - 5,000,000.00
7.5% of the purchase price
If the purchase price is 2,500,000 USD, Artwide will retain a commission of 212,500 USD
5,000,000.01 and above
5% of the purchase price
If the purchase price is 8,000,000 USD, Artwide will retain commission of 550,000 USD

For auctions, a buyer's premium is charged on top of the hammer price (winning bid at auction) of the lot. The premium is calculated using a tiered structure. The total value is calculated from the aggregate, when applicable, of the three tiers.

Transaction Value
0 - 500,000.00
9.5% premium
By way of example, if the hammer price is 300,000 USD, Artwide will retain a fee of 28,500 USD
500,000.01 - 1,500,000.00
8% premium
By way of example, if the hammer price is 1,000,000 USD, Artwide will retain a fee of 87,500 USD
1,500,000.01 and above
6.5% premium
By way of example, if the hammer price is 5,000,000 USD, Artwide will retain a fee of 355,000 USD

What can I do on the app?

You can purchase an artwork or submit one to sell. You can make an offer on an artwork, request a viewing or reserve an artwork. You can also follow or bid in Artwide auctions on the app. You can make a request for a specific artwork that you would like to acquire. You can request art financing.

When you submit an artwork, you will have the choice to determine the audience you are targeting, i.e., do you want the artwork to be visible to all app users or only to selected profiles.

What happens after I acquire an artwork?

An Artwide representative will personally assist you with finalizing the transaction - from arranging payment to logistics, and more.

How do I know that an artwork is authenticated?

Every artwork submitted to the Artwide network is vetted for authenticity and availability to sell as outlined in our terms and conditions. It is part of our four commitments as a platform to ensure that our service is user-centered and has protections in place for our participants.

I can't find the answer to my question. What should I do?

Click here to get in touch with one of our team members so we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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