May 14, 2022

Our Favourite Artists exhibiting at Frieze New York 2022

Take a look at some of our favourite artists exhibiting this year at Frieze New York.  

The international art fair, Frieze, is among the most celebrated and anticipated in the art calendar. With shows between New York, Los Angeles, and London, Frieze has maintained its reputation as one of the most successful and diverse art fairs of the year. Frieze showcases the work of countless renowned artists whilst simultaneously propelling and cultivating the careers of the art world’s rising stars.  

This year, between 18 to 22 May, more than 65 galleries will participate in Frieze New York, on display at The Shed. Christine Messineo, the Director of Frieze Los Angeles and Frieze New York will lead this year’s fair, in what will be Frieze’s tenth edition.  

In line with previous years, The Shed will be transformed by the fair’s respective spaces. ‘Vortic’ a highly anticipated viewing room, will be dedicated to 3D technology, allowing viewers to enter a virtual reality space that will include replications of installations, sculpture, painting, and video work, all in 3D. Frame, on the other hand, will be dedicated to displaying young and upcoming talent. This area will include eleven galleries, each representing artists who have been active for ten years or less. 

Have a look below at some of the newest talent who will be exhibiting at Frame this year: 

Cajsa Von Zeipel 

Swedish sculptor, Cajsa Von Zeipel, lives and works in New York, where she creates her figurative sculptures that explore gender norms, queerness, and identity. Von Zeipel’s work often mutilates the figure, exaggerates the form, and is finished in resin, giving her sculptures a waxy, futuristic, and almost grotesque appearance.  

Emma McIntyre 

McIntyre’s large, colourful, abstract canvases use a range of mediums such as acrylic, oil stick, pastel, oil paint, and print. Drawing inspiration from key moments in nineteenth and twentieth-century art history, McIntyre’s work is loaded with historical references and depth.

Marsha Pels  

Working predominately in the form of sculpture and installation, Marsha Pels’ autobiographical body of work explores female sexuality, politics, and war. Pels frequently looks at the absence of the figure through commonplace objects such as jewellery, gloves and shoes, simultaneously exploring the transformation these items undergo as they become found objects.

Kate Mosher Hall  

Born in Los Angeles, Kate Mosher Hall’s illusionary work is informed through the spiritual conditions of looking, assessing how significantly this can alter and expand our understanding of reality.

Mosher Hall pushes the boundaries of silk-screen printing by using different grounds and mediums and incorporates up to thirty screen prints in a single work.

Yan Xinyue 

Following her graduation from the Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp in 2018, Yan Xinyue has since relocated to Shanghai, where she now lives and works. Inspired by the lives that exist within places of rapid urbanisation, Xinyue’s canvases manifest as ethereal and dreamlike images, transporting the viewer away from the trials of daily life. 

Su Yu-Xin 

Working between Shanghai and Taipei, Yu-Xin’s canvases depict colourful layers of paint that ebb between figurative and abstract forms. Largely inspired by sensory perceptions, Yu-Xin seeks to convey the fluidity and the rhythm of the human experience in her landscape paintings.

Having exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, London, and Taipei, Yuy-Xin’s work has been described as unparalleled ‘contemporary Impressionism’.

Homa Delvaray 

Winner of the ‘honourable Iranian Woman Prize’, Iranian visual artist and graphic designer, Homa Delvaray has exhibited internationally at over 100 festivals and exhibitions. 

Drawing inspiration from typography and the structural features of Persian letters, in Delvaray’s 2018 exhibition ‘Haft Peykar’, the artist recreated various Persian words through sewn structures, creating a dynamic and unique series of installations.

Rebecca Sharp 

Working predominately on canvas, Brazilian artist, Rebecca Sharp, relies on the poetic-spiritual practice for the creation of her work. Drawing inspiration from the astral and metaphysical planes, Sharp’s paintings convey messages that come directly from her soul and manifest in a vibrant and surreal exploration of colour and composition.

In her work, Sharp attempts to explain the inexplicable, noting that it is the artist’s responsibility to provide a physical document of invisible realities. 

Tania Candiani

Mexican artist, Tania Candiani’s inspiration for her work is largely based on modes of communication, including phonetic, symbolic, graphic, linguistic and phonetic language. Anthropology, culture, and tradition play an important role in Candiani’s work which is often site-specific, providing a socio-historic trigger.

Written by
Miles Knapp
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